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Add google analytics to your template

This video shows you how to add google analytics to your template file.

10 January 2019
Create your own App Within Joomla 3 Using RSform only

Create your own app within joomla using rsforms only. You can create your own dataset and make it editable using RSform PRO.

10 January 2019
Stockable variants Virtuemart 2.x and 3.x

A video tutorial showing how to create stockable variants of 1 product in VirtueMart. Custom fields that are stockable.

10 January 2019
Change template name

If you want to have a unique template name for your clients' website, you can do this by changing the name of your template. the tutorial below will show you how this is done!

10 January 2019
Create favicons

To have your own favicons, also for mobile etc. in order, you can visit this website. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can use this website.

10 January 2019
Reset your Joomla Password

Resetting your password if you have forgotten it, can be done via Cpanel or DirectAdmin.

10 January 2019
Set your default template

To change the default Template for the Site (Front-end) or Administrator (Back-end), follow these steps.

10 December 2018
A firewall without a component

I recently came across a script that you can use for your website (any cms) to implement a firewall without having to use a component. 

08 January 2019
Disable plugin or module without Joomla backend access

Should you have a module installed that locks you out of your back office (for instance the IP block module), you can disable this in the Joomla database.

10 January 2019
Native Joomla tabs and sliders

Joomla itself has the option to work with tabs in your content. This tutorial will explain how this works.

09 December 2018
Set a logo for each language

The logo is set in a module position, named logo, or logo-menubar. Each module has the option to select a language.

08 December 2018
Box shadow on elements

In order to create a box shadow on certain elements you can use CSS. This tutorial explains how you can create a neat shadow for your boxes.

08 December 2018
Change search result page

The default Joomla search result page shows all the search options before it shows the results you have searched for. In order to change this, all you need to do is one simple CSS hack.

12 December 2018
Apply color to single menu

To apply a color to a single menu item, first get the ID or the menu item.

06 December 2018
Change your favicon

The icon which appears in your browser tab or the navigation bar on your site is called the favicon.

10 January 2019
Create your own 404 page

A decent 404 page is quite important. This error means that a certain page is not found. If you do not make your own 404 page, the error you will see is quite technical and can scare off your visitors. JoonextPro has ha 404 page, but you can create your own if you want to.

03 December 2018

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