Resetting your password if you have forgotten it, can be done via Cpanel or DirectAdmin.

You need at least access to the hosting environment of your website.  Once you have that, you can go into the phpmyadmin section, to access your Joomla database.

  1. Log into your Cpanel or DirectAdmin and go to phpmyadmin;
  2. Select your Joomla database;
  3. Go to the table that ends with _users;
  4. Find the account you need to reset;
  5. Click on edit;
  6. Set the password field top MD5 (this is the encryption, you can enter a value, that will be encrypted);
  7. The value field must be filled with the new password;
  8. Click on 'Go' to update the record.

Screenshot 2018-12-12 11.13.06.jpg

You can now login to your website again.

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