Title Modified Date
Disable user registration

By default users cannot register unless you enable them to. This is a Joomla setting.

14 January 2020
Virtuemart cart not working

If for some reason in your browser the virtuemart cart (adding articles to your cart) does not work properly, in some browsers, troubleshooting can be hard. 

02 January 2020
Users deactivated for no reason?

It happens that registered users get deactivated for what seems to be no reason. Well that is not the case. the following actions trigger a deactivation:

  • Super users de-activate the user in question
  • Plugins like admin tools can deactivate the user automatically
  • ...
14 January 2020
Joomla Query with WHERE and AND

When writing a Joomla module or component, you can access the database with the JDatabase option.

16 January 2019
Disable Admintools

Admintools has a very powerful firewall function that can detect abnormal behavior on your website. Sometimes you yourself can become a victim of this. Doctor Joomla has the cure for you!

11 January 2019

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