When you have to use external databases with for instance Fabrik, there is no problem when it comes to making connections to other MySQL databases. But when you have to link to an MSSQL database, Joomla does not support this. 

Infrastructure: Our install of Joomla was done on a virtual machine, in the same network as the NAV server. Not on the same machine as the NAV server, but a different one.

There are solutions to be found, and custom made, but we found a piece of software that connects both, in a really easy way. Visit dbconvert.com and check out their software. We have used the DBSync for MSSQL and MYSQL, and it solved our problems.

Without too much hassle we were able to create views in our NAV database, and export the relevant tables to the Joomla environment, and even have the option to schedule the imports, having constant up-to-date data in our Joomla Website. With the right credentials, setting up the sync job is very easy!

Screenshot 2019-01-21 11.27.34.jpg

Go through the steps, and set up a session, a predefined task for selecting a source, a destination, and the tables you must sync. You also have the options, to overwrite, or append the data, making the syncing a really easy process. The software even has the option to sync views.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 11.29.54.jpg

Above you can see all the options, from copying, to syncing, and updating. 

With the windows task manager interface, you can have your session (or job) scheduled to run every x minutes/hours/days.

Screenshot 2019-01-21 11.33.07.jpg

DB convert stable and very easy to use. If you come across projects that require DB syncing, and not just MySQL and MSSQL, but loads of database types, this is your tool!

Visit https://dbconvert.com/

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